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At Cateran the focus is always on quality and delivering the best replacement catalytic converters in the aftermarket.  Cateran invests significant time and money in product design and development and in production control to ensure its direct fit catalytic converter systems fit perfectly every time and exceed customer requirements and expectations


Our technology enables us to achieve better quality and performance by using superior production techniques and materials. Our products are constantly tested under prolonged exposure to high temperatures. As a result, in automotive applications, Cateran catalytic converters are able to maintain high levels of performance over a longer time.


Cost Advantage
In the automotive aftermarket industry, keeping costs down is essential. Cateran offers cost advantages exceeding that of competing manufacturers.


Product Range
We have developed our technology from its inception, as a platform which can be tailored to provide a wide range of catalytic converters to meet specific emissions requirements.

Cateran is certified to sell TWC series catalytic converters in both standard oval (53000 series) and standard round (33000 series) profiles under EO-D596 dated October 17, 2005.  Our range of catalytic converters offers spigot diameters from 45mm (1-3/4”) to 76mm (3”) to suit vehicles with gross vehicle weight of up to 6000lbs.


OBD II Certified Converter Development
Cateran together with its supply partners is currently expanding its product range to include more stringent US EPA and California ARB OBD II certified product.  The new product will remain cost-effective and will support real-time electronic diagnostics of OBD systems.


Our catalytic converter bodies and pipe-work are produced from T409 stainless steel. The bodies are welded utilising TIG welding robots, which welds attractive leak-proof seams (far superior to the seam-welding techniques employed by other manufacturers). Cateran utilises the most up-to-date CNC tube bending, end forming and laser cutting machines to ensure repeat accuracy for every product manufactured.


Working Together
We continue to expand our markets through forming business relationships and co-operations in North America and Canada.