Cateran Inc. commenced operations in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in September 2005.  As part of the Manumatic group of companies, one of Australia’s leading exhaust and catalytic converter manufacturing and distribution groups, Cateran manufactures and delivers break-through proprietary technology that significantly improves the performance and reduces the cost of catalytic converters.



Cateran Inc is a supplier of premium quality direct fit catalytic converters to the North American market. Cateran direct fit catalytic converters are manufactured using the latest manufacturing techniques to the highest standards in the aftermarket industry. Cateran invests significant time and money in product design and development and in production control to ensure its direct fit catalytic converter systems fit perfectly and meet customer requirements and expectations. Click on the surrounding images to see why purchasing a Cateran direct fit catalytic converter is the right choice.




Cateran Inc continues to grow its range of premium direct fit replacement catalytic converter systems and its distribution base. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of Cateran premium catalytic converter systems please complete the form below.